Renexpo Interhydro

Practical and dialogue-oriented

Current challenges, innovation and the potential of this sustainable energy source for the future will all be under the spotlight. The event agenda includes extremely current industry topics relating to economic efficiency, ecological matters and the latest product developments. Business and politics join forces here to identify key ways forward. The trade fair adopts a practice-related approach, complemented by a curated selection of themed presentations given by respective industry experts.


A trade fair programme that powers ahead

All stakeholders and interests are well-served by comprehensive and informative programmes on both days of the trade fair. Case studies, presentations and discussions will take place in the Salzburg Hydroversum. The event kicks off with a discussion entitled: ‘13 years of the energy transition: Where are we heading? Centralised vs. decentralised energy supply’. A bridge is also built to the topic of disaster management: ‘The role of small hydropower in disaster management’, and its importance as a back-up solution in worst-case scenarios, is illustrated using Stubenberg’s best-practice example: ‘Blackout-proof via small-scale hydropower’. Moreover, its important and promising role in the green energy mix is emphasised by Hans-Josef Fell, the well-known advocate of renewable energy and President of the Energy Watch Group – as he presents: ‘Hydropower – an important contribution to climate protection and climate adaptation’.

Expert event: ‘River Management and Ecology’

A cooperation with vgbe energy e.V. and VÖU has ensured another expert event is to be held alongside the trade fair. vgbe is the international trade association for the generation and storage of electricity and heat; a voluntary association of companies ranging from power plant operators to manufacturers. VÖU is the Association for Ecology and Environmental Research and defines itself as a platform for dialogue on energy and environmental issues. It aims to promote a balance between ecological and economic needs. The conference plans to bring together leading operators, manufacturers and suppliers, authorities, research institutes and other stakeholders, to discuss important issues in the field of river management and ecology. The focus will be on topics such as current international and regional river eco-hydraulics research, ongoing research projects, European legal and policy frameworks, lessons learnt, good practices and practical implementation from the perspective of various stakeholders. Registration for the conference must be made separately.

Renexpo Interhydro gives Europe's hydropower sector the platform it requires to boost ongoing growth, promotional activities and revitalisation initiatives within the framework of a joint commitment. It is a catalyst, a driver of innovation and a trendsetter for the hydro-electrics industry.