Renexpo Interhydro

Hydropower trade fair

On March 30 and 31, the Messezentrum Salzburg will become the meeting point for the hydropower industry with the Renexpo Interhydro. Over the course of two days, the trade fair will offer a full programme for a wide variety of target groups who actively or passively come into contact with energy generation from water.

Hydropower is the leading source of renewable energy in the EU. And hydropower also generates the largest share of renewable energy worldwide - after biomass. As a clean and sustainable energy source, it is becoming increasingly important in current times of crisis.

Current events are once again fuelling the debate on independence and security of supply, giving hydropower generation new energy and opportunities! Find out about the latest conditions, processes and progress at Renexpo Interhydro.

Information platform for suppliers and customers

Are you interested in the latest state of the art, new developments, as well as in the economic efficiency and ecological aspects of hydropower? Then this is the right place for you.

Planners, operators, manufacturers, investors and energy suppliers use this unique opportunity for a professional exchange and new business contacts. The presence of various associations and authorities offers the chance to get first-hand information on framework conditions in general, but also from a legal, economic and environmental point of view.

Representatives from business, politics and research discuss products, services and solutions and create a professional framework for future-oriented, sustainable discussions regarding the clean energy source.

Information and knowledge down to the last detail

For the economic efficiency and safety of hydropower plants, many things have to be considered, from planning, approval and construction to operation. Compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements, manufacturing costs, operational suitability and reliability as well as maintenance and servicing of the technical equipment are just a few aspects. Benefit from invaluable experience and great competence during your visit to the fair.

In addition to optimization approaches from a technical, water management and ecological perspective, you will also gain new contacts and insights into current requirements and planned future measures at the political level.

Programme highlights

It goes without saying that water will play the main role on both days of the trade fair. However, the sustainable energy source will also be given a literal stage. Various lectures, keynotes and panel discussions by exhibitors and external experts will take place in the Hydro Forum. Hydro professionals from all over the world will come together and share their expertise.

Already the energy talk "Secure supply and independence through hydropower! What needs to happen now?" on Thursday, March 30, promises an up-to-date introduction to the topic.

Also on the first day of the trade fair, the panel discussion "One Year of Energy Crisis: What's the State of Hydropower?" will attract representatives from Germany, Italy and Austria to take stock and discuss future prospects.

On Friday, March 31, Ulrich Streibl (Spokesman of the Board of Ökostrom AG), DI Gerhard Christiner (Member of the Board of APG) and Michael Strebl (Chairman of the Board of Wien Energie) will speak on the topic "The energy turnaround is visible! Where are we still failing to make progress?" Moderated by Wolfgang Anzengruber (former chairman of the board Verbund AG).

Planners' and Operators' days on hydropower

Parallel to the trade fair, the Planners & Operators Days on the topic of "Hydropower Promotion" will be held in cooperation with the Austrian Small Hydropower Association and the Province of Salzburg. Funding opportunities from the Climate and Energy Fund, the EAG - Renewable Expansion Act (new construction and expansion of hydropower plants, revitalization of existing plants), the UFG - Environmental Funding Act (construction of ecological measures) and at the state level in Austria and Germany will be presented.

What a fruit fly has to do with hydropower

An unconventional approach to the topic of energy crisis and turnaround is promised by the keynote of Science Buster Martin Moder on Thursday, March 30. As a member of a science cabaret group, he is not only dedicated to explaining science myths, but is also known to some as "Drosophila melanogaster" (colloquially known as fruit fly) from various award-winning performances. At the Renexpo Interhydro he uses the stage for "Climate crisis finally solved. Can we genetically adapt humans to climate change? Or is the crisis more likely to be solved by kangaroo feces transplants? Maybe not every point of the talk can be implemented immediately, but afterwards the audience will know why little fat saws are so climate-friendly."

Two promising, seminal days await you in Salzburg at the end of March. Tickets as well as information on exhibitors and the programme can be found at